Add a new twist to your golf game and promote your business over and over again!


  • This game is a lot of fun to play. It is a great icebreaker for tournaments as it gets golfers talking at the first tee, perfect for business golf.

  • The game is easy to play and manage on the course and it doesn't slow up play.

  • The game can be personalized with your business cars or company logo or any other message on the back of each card. Each time the game is played, your clients will see your card and will also pass them around to other members of the foursome. Your clients that receive this game will do your advertising for you!

  • Personalized game orders can be done in a very short time, often within a few days and there is no need to wait weeks for your order to be delivered. There is no minimum order quantity!

  • The game offers excellent value. Consider giving each foursome one game at the beginning of a tournament, that's an average cost of less then $5.00 per golfer to be exposed to your advertising and have them associate your business with a fun experience.

  • The game is a great gift idea for all occasions, everyone seems to have a golfer in the family.

  • It provides a fun way to get those business cards out of your desk and into the hands of your clients where they will be working for you.


  • None that we know of.