"It's a Zoo Out There!" is a handsomely packaged box of nine weatherproof animal cards that reward or penalize golfers based on their performance. The cards get passed from player to player during the golf game and at game's end, the type of cards a player ends up with determines whether he or she "buys the round" or "antes up." All in the spirit of fun and skillful competition-of course.

The game is easy to play and easy to manage on the golf course - it doesn't slow up the play.

Great Opportunity to Promote Your Business!
The game can be personalized with your business card or company logo on the back of each game card. You don't have to purchase large quantities of games to have them personalized. You can buy as few as one!

Each game can promote your company/business again and again to a wide variety of people in a fun and interesting way.

Fun to play, it is good for corporate or fundraising tournaments as the game gets golfers talking right at the first tee.

Great Corporate Gift Idea
"It's a Zoo Out There!" makes a unique gift for friends, customers, associates or employees at Christmas or for any special occasion.

Each game comes golf course ready, with 9 weatherproof cards (generic or personalized), a card pouch and complete instructions.

What Golfers are saying about this game sensation:
"I've never had more fun golfing than when we used your "Animal" cards for one of our serious morning rounds. Everyone was put at ease by the fun and excitement of possibly getting a card! We scored better overall and had a great time!"
Don Bilyk, Lloydminster, Alberta

"This game is a blast and provides great advertising value"
Marc Ruest, Calgary, Alberta

"Sales exceeded our expectations, everyone we showed the game to purchased one. It sold very well"
Brent Olson, PGA Teaching Pro, 'Pin High Golf', Calgary, Alberta

"Neat Game"
Wayne McBean, Calgary, Alberta